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Trades insurance

Our experience with trades insurance

As a tradesman you have likely spent years refining your craft. Overtime you develop smarter processes and have an understanding for quality materials. Not every situation calls for top of the line materials however there are times where these are the best option. You undoubtably have an understanding that cheapest is not always the best and a similar approach could be applied to your Public Liability Insurance. Atlantic Insurance has been accommodating the varied Insurance needs of trades businesses for 25 years. These trades range from sole traders in domestic environments right through to national builders and even industrial landscapers and rail maintenance entities. As you would expect the Insurance needs of each are unique and depend on a range of factors which are best understood through correspondence with experienced Client Managers, not necessarily via an online quote forum. Whilst this may save time it is not necessarily the risk analysis you and your business need.

Atlantic trades insurance services & advantages

Access to a wide range of products and insurers for all classes

Interest-free monthly premiums available


No paperwork to complete

Premiums from just $460 per year * 
(*premium subject to change based on occupation, turnover and underwriting information)

Your claims are handled by your Client Manager at Atlantic Insurance and not a call centre

Trades coverage considerations

On most work sites the majority of the Trades will have Insurance in place whether it be a contractual requirement or simply good risk management. In any case this reasonable outlay can provide immense peace of mind and help protect you and your and your life’s work. A Public Liability Policy is the policy you want to ensure that when a response is needed it is there for you to rely on. To ensure this is the case it needs to adequately reflect your business activities, be with a reputable Insurer and for an amount sufficient to cover these unforeseen circumstances.

Atlantic insurance most popular quoted trades

Click below to find out more information on some of the most popular Trades we discuss with prospective Clients.

Policy classes

Atlantic Insurance specialise in arranging Public Liability and other important Insurance Policies for Tradies as below. Click below for more information or contact us today to discuss your requirements

Income Protection Insurance

Your ability to earn an income is likely your biggest asset requiring protection. Through our association with Atlantic Financial Services, we can provide advice on a range of personal risk insurances, including Income Protection and Life Insurance.

Goods in transit insurance

If you import stock or materials we can assist with a Transit policy that will protect the carriage of your goods for imports, exports and local transit by air, road, rail and sea. We can also arrange cover for these goods whilst in storage or for transit of customers goods.

Management liability insurance

We recommend that all of our trades clients consider a Management Liability policy. This protects the Directors, Officers and Employees of your Company against claims arising from negligence in the performance of their duties. Covers include Directors and Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Crime, Statutory Liability and many more.

Plant & machinery

Many Tradies own Plant and Machinery such as excavators, bobcats, skid steers and forklifts. We offer a range of policies to cover these items for Theft and Damage along with Third Party Liability if these items are registered.

Commercial motor insurance

We are experienced in organising both single Commercial Motor policies and Commercial Motor Fleet policies if your business operates a fleet of vehicles, which can be extended to cover automatic additions and deletions, free windscreen, along with other benefits.These policies provide protection for your vehicles, including own damage and third party property damage.

Business / factory insurance

If you own or lease a factory or warehouse, we can organise cover for your Buildings, Stock and Contents for risks such as Fire, Accidental Damage, Malicious Damage, Water Damage, Impact, Business Interruption, Theft and Glass Breakage.

Tax audit insurance

The ATO continue to target self-employed tradie’s for tax audit. Atlantic can set up a policy that will cover your tax audit expenses in the event you are audited by the ATO or other government agencies.

Injury & illness insurance

If you require a more basic coverage to protect your income, Atlantic can assist with Injury and Illness Insurance, with benefit periods up to 5 years and waiting periods as low as 2 weeks.

Trades risk - Our Observations

You not only have an obligation or duty of care to those you work on behalf of as a professional Tradesperson or entity, this now extends to providing a safe working environment for those you employ or even contract. In recent years we have seen a surge in recoveries being made by Work Cover authorities against employees on the basis that you have contributed to incidents of personal injury.

We don’t see claims as an interruption to our day. We see claims as our opportunity to demonstrate a valuable point of difference.

Current Claims Landscape

Our experience in assisting to manage Trades risks for the past 25 years is extensive and during that time there would not be many claims scenarios that we haven’t seen first hand.

Your Public Liability Insurance Policy exists to protect you and your business in situations where a third party suffers a personal injury or property damage as a result of you or your Businesses negligence. Incidents involving property damage can be straightforward to quantify. For example the ladder that fell over and struck a vehicle, it is the cost to repair the vehicle that forms the basis for the claim. The same would apply to the screen you damaged during the installation of the TV, it is the cost of the repair or to replace the TV.

Unfortunately it is the claims involving personal injury that are much more difficult to quantify. We have seen the passer-by get struck by falling objects, trip over and fall into open pits or slip on wet surfaces. No two incidents will be the same nor will the cost. Aspects of pain and suffering, loss of lifestyle, trauma, loss of income or future earnings mental anguish can be encountered in these situations.

There are policies that can help protect you and your Business should such a situation arise which further highlights the need to get the right advice to ensure your Insurance program meets your unique Insurance needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Thank you Laura, for everything, you’re so efficient, great at sorting things quickly and with a minimum of fuss. We appreciate all that you do and have done for Zane.

J. English

Thank you for all your wonderful work on managing our Plumbers Renewal, your work has been very professional and this has been expediently handled at all times, it has been great to have you working with me on this.

S Jones, J1's Plumbing

Thank you Laura. We really appreciate you going above and beyond to save us so much money and sorting this year's business protection. You're fabulous.

K Bowles - DG Group

Thank you Luke, I greatly appreciate the work you and your team have done in assisting me in setting up policies for my new business and I will highly recommend your company to anybody looking for insurance.

Terry Myles – Elite Civil and Rail

Thank you kindly for your exceptional service Karen. I will definitely refer associates to you. Your follow up and commitment to excellence has been fantastic.

Mark - MDM Contractors Pty Ltd.

Plumbco Plumbers engaged Atlantic Insurance Brokers when our Business was undergoing significant growth. We found their expertise and professionalism to be exceptional. Mark Palframan took the time to understand our business and the advice we received helped manage our Risks across all aspects of the Business.

Troy Morris - Plumbco Plumbers Pty Ltd

The team at Atlantic Insurance have been extremely helpful, offering insurance options and solutions for our trades business. I have recommended them highly to family and friends and won’t hesitate to continue using them.

T. Welsh - H2Pro Plumbing

Atlantic Insurance Brokers have arranged the Insurances of Cooper Group Australia for over 20 years. Mark and Graeme have always been contactable and have personally overseen all our Insurances and managed our claims. Cooper Group Australia Pty Ltd fully endorse Atlantic Insurance Brokers as a first class business partner.

Neale Cooper - Cooper Group Australia Pty Ltd

I have no hesitation in recommending Rob and Laura to any of my tradesmen friends which I have already done on many occasions stating that you never truly know what you are insured for until you make a claim, but when you do make a claim in certainly pays to have Rob and Laura in your corner.

M. Humphery – R&T Plumbing


Public Liability Policies are designed to cover Property Damage and Bodily Injury following your negligence. Unfortunately accidents happen and a Public Liability Policy is designed to protect you should a claim for negligence be made against you or your business.

Atlantic Insurance’s experienced Client Managers can provide a solution to package all the covers that are required to cover you and your business.

Premiums start at just $460 per year, your premium will be calculated by prospective insurers based on your occupation, turnover and underwriting information.

Yes, the Client Manager you normally work with at Atlantic will assist in lodging your claim and seeing this right through to finalisation.

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